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Martina Dasnoy

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Martina Dasnoy throws off the established rules of usage, the rules derived from a form of modernity seen as a mode or a desire for the unusual and, as a result, her works define style – her own style. Because what moves a real artist is curiosity, coming face to face each day and with each brush stroke with the monotony of received ideas and daring to break with, transgress and go ever further beyond what has already been accomplished. And Martina has devoted all of her strength and determination to this task.

From the technical point of view, this artist is not lacking in any way. Her recognised mastery of engraving, drawing, lithography, oils, pastels, or inks is put to use indiscriminately in her works. And, at times, in order to continue with her artistic journey, she is not afraid to look back for inspiration to famous artists such as Rodhko or Ráfols Casamada, juxtaposing two antithetic approaches, one more cold and the other more Mediterranean.

But technique, like the various pictorial processes, is worth nothing in itself if it is not linked to a personal creative process in which the important component is cerebral, more precisely, the idea, the reality revisited by the artist personally. And this is where Martina Dasnoy surprises us with the breadth of her view and her reaction to what has been achieved in the artistic sphere. In addition to her conscientious work in the studio, she also paints out in the open air. She takes her easel out of the workshop and paints her landscapes as they appear to her, thereby continuing a long pictorial tradition that is reflected in her still life series or the sketches taken from nature, and in her Cahiers d’artiste. The latter are a pure delight in terms of the drawing and colours.


But if neither technique nor subject matter, which generally speaking tends to be nature, forms the most important aspects, what is it essentially that constitutes the thrust of Martina Dasnoy’s work? It is quite simply the discovery of beauty, impressions of light, musical notes and lyricism. Other important aspects are the plastic elements, the purely pictorial, the abstract chromatism of the strokes, the blots and the dripping effects which give the wink to informalist painting.

Her creations are based on harmony, balanced composition and a clever use of the special combinations of colours and shades, the most characteristic being blues, oranges, aubergines, yellows and greens. As we have mentioned earlier, she is inspired by nature and moving forward from this reality, Martina leads us to contemplate the subtle as an uninhibited fan of experimentation where the shadows of her black outlines blend in with the writing and graphics, the different structures and such recurring figurative elements as threads, leaves, staircases and windows ….. leading the onlooker into a new pictorial universe full of calmness and peace.

Using this skill, Martina Dasnoy transforms her paintings into a game. But although it is purely plastic in form, it is a very serious game.

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